A program is a process, not a thing. This also applies to life, the universe, and everything.


Testing, testing, is this thing on?

OK, time to check out the new Blogger. I'm looking for a home to move to from ManilaSites, which was fun while it lasted, but is too slow to use now. I'm also going to try to refocus on what I started out to do with the original Living Code site, which is to write about programming for the fun of it, mostly in Python, but also some Javascript, some dialects of XML, maybe even some more arcane things. I may still descend into political diatribes and bad jokes, but if the blogger thing works out I'm going to try to keep to the code.

I wonder how to get syntax highlighting in Blogger?

And I don't see any options for categories or blogrolling. Gonna have to roll up my sleeves and start exploring.
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