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Individuality for the Masses

[via BoingBoing]


Bruce Schneier has come up with the idea of promoting individual rights via the awesome power of branding, as the peace symbol did for the anti-war movement. I think it's a good idea, though the complexities can be harder to explain than "killing is wrong." (Of course, the anti-war movement was more complex as well, but the basic message seems easier to get across...). Here's the gist from the site:

Individual-i stands for:
  • Freedom from surveillance
  • Personal privacy
  • Anonymity
  • Equal protection
  • Due process
  • Freedom to read, write, think, speak, associate, and travel
  • The right to make your own choices about sex, reproduction, marriage, and death
  • The right to dissent

These are all things I can support. I hope this idea spreads like memefire.

It needs a hand gesture, though. How about the sign-language alphabetic "I" held to the chest?


Now we're cooking!

My copy of the new Python Cookbook arrived today (pretty quick considering my first issue of Make magazine hasn't arrived yet). It's pretty cool to see my name in an O'Reilly book, even for only a single recipe. The book looks great too, I think Alex and Anna and David have done a great job and I'm really looking forward to going through it.

Thanks to everyone who replied about the missing word. I've been a bit overwhelmed lately and haven't had a chance to follow up with that, but the responses were all great.

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