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Sex, guns, and Clinton

I'm kind of shocked about the hidden sex scenes in Grand Theft Auto. I mean, I'm shocked that so many are shocked about it. I've never played it, but my understanding based on seeing reviews is that this is a game in which you are rewarded for stealing cars, hitting pedestrians, and killing cops. So adding sexually explicit material is what gets it pulled from WallMart?

Dude, where's your society's sense of perspective? Where are our priorities?

Why can TV show a kid thousands of murders and simultaneously pretend that the human body is somehow dirty? Frankly, I'd be less upset if my kids accidently saw Debbie Does Dallas than if they saw any of the gore and gun porn that passes for Hollywood movies these days.

And is it just me, or when you see a BBC headline like Clinton wades into GTA sex storm you immediately think of the other Clinton?
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