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This will be my last post on Blogger, but fear not! I have imported all my Blogger articles (and I'll add my older ManilaSites articles eventually) on my new site: livingcode.org. Um, yeah, it's still called Living Code, but now it's on the livingcode site, which makes all the difference. It's driven by my new Pythonalicious blogging tool: Sandcastle.

What didn't make it across are the comments on blogger. While I've had a few really good comments here, the ratio of spam to comments has been completely out of whack. I'm just going to put up my email address and let the spam filters take care of it. Hopefully real comments will be able to get through.

It's taken longer than I'd hoped to make this transition, but now I hope to be able to concentrate on posting some of the examples I've written for PyObjC and writing some new tutorials. I'm also going to get the projects I'm discussing into publicly accessible subversion repositories Real Soon Now™

The new blog is fully tag-enabled. There is a main Atom feed, and each tag has its own Atom feed, so for instance if you're only interested in Python articles, you can just subscribe to the Python tag-feed and you won't have to hear about my Make Magazine-inspired projects with the kids. Now I just need to add some Ajax and it will be fully buzzword-compliant.

Hope to see y'all there!
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