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Sierra Sliders

Kathy Sierra, of the Creating Passionate Users blog, posted about using an equalizer metaphor for product planning and brainstorming. She included some images for her readers to play around with for their own equalizer-planning projects. I took those, apply the Gimp to them, mixed with Bob Ippolito's uber-cool MochiKit, and release to you:

Sierra's Sliders

Equalizer Example

You can label up to eight sliders using the text box, hit enter and tweak the sliders. When you have it the way you want it, you can bookmark the result and send it to your team members, or your mom. Tested in IE 6, Firefox 1.5, and Safari 2.0.2. Your mileage may vary. Void where prohibited by law. Some limitations may apply. Coded in a hurry.
Very cool...an interesting tool for thinking about values.

You know what would make it even cooler (scope creep alert!)? To be able to assign pairs to each slider so that you could have "love" at the top and "hate" on the bottom of the same slider.
That's an interesting thought. In Kathy's example she has two sliders so you can compare and contrast on the same virtual equalizer. That would be cool to implement as well.

But realistically, this was just a quick hack and I don't want it to get out of hand.
thanks for this app... love it & will use it for a presentation next week...

stumbled over your comment in kathy's blog.


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